Affiliate Portal: Getting Started


After login a referral link will be provided in the Home tab. This is the link that the affiliate will be sharing with their followers on social media platforms, etc, any purchase made on the website using the referral link will earn the affiliate a commission.
Anyone buying through this Referral Link gets automaticly 10 Percent Discount.

In the Summary section in the Home tab, there is a table that shows information such as the number of referrals, orders, conversions, sales, and earnings.


Marketing Tools

In the Marketing Tools tab, the affiliate can generate affiliate links for qualifying products on the store website, this link can be shared by the affiliates to promote more specific products, the affiliates will earn a commission on any purchase made using these product referral links.
Please note: To get a discount client must ad coupon code at checkout in our store (coupon code in the home area).



In the Payments tab, the summary table shows information such as the amount paid, amount pending and last payment, below it the detail section will provide more detail on the payments.


In the Settings tab, the affiliate provides information such as name, website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts. There is also an option to change the affiliate account password.

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